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4 important factors to buying an Air Conditioner unit?

Energy Efficiency

By considering the energy efficiency of the unit you are looking at purchasing is the best way to understand how much energy it will take to run the unit. Known as the SEER (season energy efficiency ratio). The higher the rating, the less energy your device will use. Meaning more savings in your pocket comes energy bill time.


There are many terms people will use to describe the size of a unit, such as power, ton, capacity, and strength, but they all describe the same fact. These all mean the BTU’s (British Thermal Unit) that they convert from hot to cool air. By knowing your home’s square footage, you can better give yourself the ability to calculate what size of unit you need to cool your home. You will want a size of unit that can maintain long periods of running as longer cycles can decrease more humidity than shorter start and stop cycles.

The sizes for units come in 1 ton to 5 ton.

Noise Level

This final factor sometimes does not seem all that important when the unit is outside, so why do you need to worry about noise? Well, in Calgary, you are still beholden to noise restrictions. This means if you are planning on using your Air Conditioner during those sweltering nights, you need to worry about the noise level your unit makes. Other locations that need to be considered are building restriction such as condos and apartments.

The lower price points of your Air Conditioner can be a factor on your noise level, meaning the less you pay, the louder it will be. However, specialized units are for restricted living spaces like condos that come in a range of costs, but all have minimal noise levels.


There is also the need to know the installer, making sure that the installers understand what your needs are, and how to make that happen. Some installation companies can try to sell you the bells and whistles, the top of the line, highest BTUs, when in actuality your home may not need that, and may cause more problems in the future.

It is critical that you can ask questions, voice your needs, and not feel pressured to buy something you may not need. You need trusted installers to make the right calls and answer any questions you have, while giving you peace of mind that your system will run as it is intended to do, and last.

There are always factors that you need to consider when deciding when to buy a new Air Conditioner unit. Not every factor will be important for your purchase, but by considering your options equally, you can buy what you need without feeling the pressure of buying on the spot.

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