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Residential Central AC, Ductless/Condo AC

What Air Conditioner is best for you? 

We have a variety of units based on house size and need, as well as units for Hydronic systems or Condominium housing. 


How much does an AC installation cost in Calgary?

A new high efficiency AC unit installation in Calgary typically costs between $4,000 and $7,000. It depends on capacity(1.5 – 5 ton), efficiency(SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), type, materials, and brand. At Go Furnace Ltd. we promise you the best AC products with competitive pricing.

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What is the best for you?

Central Air Conditioner

This style of Air Conditioner is great for large homes. What makes this unit the perfect suit is that it uses your already existing duct system and the blower motor your furnace uses to regulate the air within your home. This is a split unit in terms of the larger portion being an outdoor unit, while the indoor portion is hidden within the furnace. This system removes the heat from the indoor air, converting it to cool where it is sent through the ducts in the home.

A large benefit for this unit is less humidity throughout the house as cool air is circulated through every room equally, and the time it takes to cool down the home is reduced.

By utilizing this system, you can optimize your efficiency with programmable thermostats making a complete smart home experience where heating, cooling, and air circulation are at your fingertips.

Ductless / Mini-Split Air Conditioner

This style of Air Conditioner is great for hydronic systems and smaller homes such as condos. This unit is great if you do not want your home filled with lots of ducts. The system is mounted in two parts, an indoor unit that is visible and hung upon the wall, and a small extremely quiet outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can be fitted with a heat pump for when you need a little extra heat circulating in the colder months.

The benefits of such a system are they can be more efficient in energy consumption as they can be controlled at how much it puts out, whereas a central air conditioner cannot be changed. These units are extremely quiet compared to a central air conditioner. Many ductless systems are controlled by a remote control but can come equipped with a smart ac controller giving you the ability to control temperature from anywhere at your fingertips.

By going with this system, you are putting the temperature control in your hands from anywhere, maximizing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Go Furnace Services

Installation / Replacement

Faulty installations bring long-term consequences that directly impact the comfort and safety of your home. In addition, homeowners often have difficult times choosing  HVAC systems appropriate for their home. Have our qualified professionals provide proper and efficient installations of your new product and ensure they work seamlessly in providing you ultimate comfort and well-being. ………………………….


Is your existing system being stubborn and non-cooperative? Nothing like a malfunctioning HVAC system can directly influence the comfort of your home. As frustrating as a system breakdown can be, nothing can be as irritating as repairs that don’t last. We promise our experienced professionals will accurately identify the problem and provide fast and lasting repairs for any faulty systems.

Maintenance / Tune-up

Prevention is always better than cure. Regardless of how reputable your brand of HVAC system is, eventually there will come a point where it breaks down. While it is true that your heating and cooling units are not meant to last forever, with regular maintenance service you can significantly extend its expiration. Just like a car, your HVAC units require regular check ups to identify early-onset issues and prevent any major breakdown.

Furnace Installation, Repair and Tune-up Services in Calgary


High Efficiency

Air Conditioning

Energy-Efficient Compressor

Designed to provide years of reliable cooling comfort,
it provides high SEER cooling performance for lower energy bills compared to lower SEER compressors.

Efficient Cooling Capacity

Five millimeter, refrigeration-grade premium copper
tubing and aluminum fin condenser coil configuration deliver outstanding heat transfer properties with R-410A, chlorine-free, refrigerant.

Heavy-Gauge, Galvanized Steel Enclosure Cabinet

A louvered cabinet protects the coil, while its appliance-quality, post-paint, baked enamel finish protects your system from outdoor elements.

Factory-Installed In-Line Filter Drier

Protects the refrigerant system from dirt and moisture for longer service life compared to units without filter driers. 




High Efficiency

Air Conditioning

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Furnace Installation, Repair and Tune-up Services in Calgary

Having a central air conditioning is one of the most efficient ways to keeping your home cool and pleasant. However, the efficiency of residential air conditioning really depends on having the right type and size of air conditioning unit appropriate for your home.

Bigger does not always mean better. When an air conditioner is too big, it ends up wasting energy and result in higher energy bills than what you should be paying. However, if the unit is too small, it will not be efficient enough to cool your home and result in excessive operation as it struggles to maintain your desired temperature.

Apart from size, there are multiple factors that must also be considered when picking the ideal air conditioner for your home.  Go Furnace Ltd. is happy to help this process. We will evaluate and cater to the unique needs of your home.

 Q: What do I need to install and AC unit?

A: You will need your homes square footage, the heating system your home has. As well as location on the exterior of the home near the furnace room, and access to electrical panels.

Q: Is AC worth it in Calgary?

A: In Calgary it is common for the months of July and August to reach 37°C and higher. A high-efficiency central air conditioner can help keep you comfortable in the heat, while maintaining high indoor air quality during wildfire season and help you control your summer energy costs.

 Q: How long does an Air Conditioner last?

A: In Canada, since our air conditioners do not get as much use as a furnace will, an average life span of a well-cared for unit can last between 12-18 years.


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