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Your furnace is an absolutely crucial part of your home. It provides consistent heating and makes up over 40% of your home’s energy costs. When a breakdown happens, especially in the winter, the countdown begins to your home’s temperature dropping down below freezing.

With a new furnace, you can significantly reduce the chances of a breakdown, plus with modern-day high-efficiency units you could save even more on your home heating costs.

With a new system, you get our signature warranty program giving you complete coverage on your system for many years to come. At Go Furnace, our team is fully qualified and trained with decades of experience installing furnaces.

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Serving Calgary

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New Energy Efficient Furnace Installation for Improved Your Home Comfort

Are you considering getting a new furnace installed in Calgary? It’s important to ensure that the installation is carried out by a licensed technician to ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely.  A licensed technician will have the knowledge and expertise to properly install your new furnace, ensuring that it functions at its optimal level, and meets all safety standards. They will also ensure that the installation is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which is important for maintaining the warranty on your furnace.

The pricing for a new furnace installation can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the furnace, the size of house, and the complexity of the installation. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,500 to $7,000 for a new furnace installation in Calgary. However, it’s important to note that this is just an estimate and the actual cost may vary depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

In conclusion, choosing a licensed technician to install your new furnace or HVAC system is crucial for safety and efficiency. When considering pricing, be sure to get ours quotes and choose a system that meets your needs and budget. Finally, proper maintenance and care can help extend the lifespan of your furnace, ensuring reliable operation for years to come.

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With our friendly team behind the phones, we can quickly get you booked in for your no hassle quote at a time that is most convenient for you. 

We come to your home to fully assess your home’s needs and recommend a few options that meet your family’s needs and budget. As each home has different requirements for installation we take photos so that we are prepared for each job with the right tools to get the job done.

This means no hidden or surprise costs during your furnace installation.

During the day of the job, you’ll be informed of our arrival. Our team will lay down floor covering and special boot covers to protect your home. The process should take somewhere between 6-12 hours.

When the job is complete, we ensure everything is cleaned up and left exactly how it was when we arrived.

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New Furnace Installations

Step 3: Installation Day

Once the installation is complete, Go Furnace HVAC professionals will clean up your old unit and then review manufacturer care and maintenance instructions with you. We ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the new unit and installation before leaving.

New Furnace Installations

The aluminized steel, tubular primary heat exchanger featured in Goodman brand gas furnaces is likely the most essential component in a gas furnace’s performance. This distinctive heat exchanger employs wrinkle-bend technology which was developed to deliver extraordinary durability and long-term reliability.

Automatically adjusts airflow to match comfort needs, reduces energy consumption and system noise as compared to single-stage motors.

Durable 110-Volt Silicon Nitride Igniter

Eliminates the need for an energy-wasting pilot light.

Self-Diagnostic Control Board

Continuously monitors the system for consistent, reliable operation, stores last diagnostic codes in memory.

Thermally -Insulated Cabinet

The fully insulated cabinet means air leakage of less than 2% to maximize the heat transfer efficiency and lower blower noise.

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When it comes to installing a new furnace in your home.

it’s essential to hire a licensed technician to ensure the job is done correctly. Not only does a licensed technician have the necessary skills and expertise to install your furnace safely and efficiently, but they can also offer valuable advice on which furnace model is best for your specific needs.

Is a lifetime warranty for a furnace good?

A long warranty period is not necessarily a good condition. Many companies offer a 10, 12 years or lifetime warranty,

However,  you should carefully check the detailed terms and conditions to see if there are any hidden fee or conditions related to the warranty at the time of signing the contract.

New Furnace Installations

What is a Forced-Air Furnace?

forced-air furnace heats air and disperses it throughout your home using ductwork and vents. Forced-air furnaces heat air by burning natural gas. Most of today’s forced-air furnaces are energy efficient and their blowers can be used to distribute cool air from the A/C in the summer.

Advantages a Forced-Air Furnace

Improves Comfort Level
A forced air furnace distributes heat evenly throughout your home, which means you’re not left freezing in one section of the room while the rest of the house is sweltering hot, like you tend to get with other types of heating systems.

Energy Efficiency
Forced air furnaces are an efficient way to heat your home since they use less energy than other types of heating appliances, especially electric heaters. This can save you money on your monthly energy bills.

Long Lasting
Forced air furnaces are reliable. They usually last for many years with little or no trouble. You won’t have to worry about your furnace breaking down in the middle of winter.


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A new high efficiency furnace installation in Calgary typically costs between $4,000 and $7,000. It depends on capacity(BTU: British Thermal Unit), efficiency, staging type, materials, and brand. At Go Furnace Ltd. we promise you the best furnace products with competitive pricing.

Contact us today and get a free quote of a new high-efficiency furnace. Go Furnace Ltd. can help you choose the optimal furnace for your home.

The difficulty of the job can affect the time it takes to install a furnace. Our expert team has completed thousands of furnace installations in Calgary. We can usually complete your job in one day.

It will vary depending on the age of your furnace and the level of comfort you have. Newer furnaces typically have warranty coverage for 5-12 years and a life expectancy between 12-20 years, depending on which furnace they are. Many homeowners are happy to see their furnaces last for 25 years.


A repair is a better choice if your furnace is under 15 years old. Upgrades may be possible if your furnace is older than 15 years.

“But, my furnace is 25-years old and I have never experienced an issue with it.”

Although this is a common assertion, it’s not true. Older furnaces are much more efficient and can result in higher energy bills.

Unexpected breakdowns can also be a problem with older furnaces that were not maintained properly. These can occur at any time, particularly during holidays when temperatures drop dramatically. Repair costs can run from $200-$600 and up.

Absolutely, As a premium Financeit dealer, we can offer exclusive rates including “no payment options” and low monthly payments.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing your forced air furnace – climate, types, energy efficiency, size and customer reviews. Go Furnace HVAC professional has the expertise to properly evaluate your specific needs and help you make the right decision.