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Is it finally time to replace that old furnace? Trust Go Furnace, with industry-leading high-efficiency furnaces designed for your Calgary Home. 

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Your furnace is an absolutely crucial part of your home. It provides consistent heating and makes up over 40% of your home’s energy costs. When a breakdown happens, especially in the winter, the countdown begins to your home’s temperature dropping down below freezing.

With a new furnace, you can significantly reduce the chances of a breakdown, plus with modern-day high-efficiency units you could save even more on your home heating costs.

With a new system, you get our signature warranty program giving you complete coverage on your system for many years to come. At Go Furnace, our team is fully qualified and trained with decades of experience installing furnaces.

Don’t just take our word for it… Check out our 5-star reviews online and see why so many homeowners are choosing Go Furnace for their furnace needs.

What to expect when you Call Go Furnace?

With our friendly team behind the phones, we can quickly get you booked in for your no hassle quote at a time that is most convenient for you. Plus our 24/7 support means you can have someone at your home at any time of day or night.

We come to your home to fully assess your home’s needs and recommend a few options that meet your family’s needs and budget. As each home has different requirements for installation we take photos sso that we are prepared for each job with the right tools to get the job done.

This means no hidden or surprise costs during your furnace installation.

During the day of the job, you’ll be informed of our arrival. Our team will lay down floor covering and special boot covers to protect your home. The process should take somewhere between 6-12 hours.

When the job is complete, we ensure everything is cleaned up and left exactly how it was when we arrived.

It’s that easy!

Schedule your furnace quote today!

What About New Thermostats?

Our furnace systems are fully equipped with the latest smart home technology. This includes products like Nest thermostats, equipped with efficient heating and cooling scheduling as well as geofencing and variety of other great upgrades.

What About a Warranty?

We back all of our furnace installations by a competitive warranty program. Each furnace has its own furnace warranty protecting you on parts and labour for many years to come.

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We are available 24/7 for your call.

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out all of our 5-star reviews on Google.

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We are proud to offer transparent and honest pricing. No hidden fees ever!

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No matter the brand or model, we have the equipment ready to get the job done. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will HVAC installation last?

The length of time that a typical HVAC installation job will take depends on several factors, such as the size of the system that needs to be installed, how complex it is, and the expertise and experience level of the contractor.

In general, you can expect a high-quality HVAC installation project to last anywhere between 8 and 12 hours. If you hire a reputable and experienced contractor, they should be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long the service will take. Make sure to ask for this estimate before hiring anyone so that you can plan accordingly.

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

YES! We have periodic sales of AC and furnace equipment. Reach out. today and see what o. r current offers are. 

When Is the Best Time To Replace My. Furnace?

When it comes to your furnace, it’s best to consider a replacement anytime after the warranty expires. However, some furnaces are known to have common issues and may be best to be replaced sooner. Anything older than 20 years is likely to drive up your energy bills and with the high likelihood of breaking down, it can cause a number of headaches if it does.

Trusted Services In Calgary

At Go Furnace, we have been a trusted HVAC company in Calgary for thousands of homeowners. With our quickly growing 5-star reputation, homeowners trust us for our honest opinions and fast service.

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Two Air Conditioners

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Summers have been hot these past few years, encouraging more residents to look for ways to stay cool and sleep better. 

Our top-tier AC products can keep your home cool all summer long. No more hot sleepless nights.