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The top 4 questions you need to ask before buying an air conditioner

What does a new air conditioner cost?

 A new air conditioner can range in cost from $4000 to $7000. This includes the outdoor unit, the indoor evaporator coil, the line-set, all electrical work, and basic duct work. The cost is heavily based on the house size and capacity you require in your air conditioner.

What is the installation timeline?

When looking to install a new air conditioner, a common worry is the timeline of when and how long it takes to install. Installation is not a quick process by any means, and requires electrical, plumbing, ductwork, calibration, and testing. These can take time and, depending on the quantity of work, it can take longer than a day. However, the average installation timeline is 4 to 8 hours. We can do this while your home, or if you have other plans, we can complete the work while you are out to make the installation convenient for you and your schedule.

How efficient are the new air conditioners?

After a decade or more, an air conditioner can become less efficient than when it was new, however no amount of maintenance can bring it back up. Replacing to a new unit might be your only option, and if so, here are some key things you need to keep an eye out for.

When shopping for a new air conditioner, look for the SEER rating. This is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, aiming for 13 or higher. This rating directly relates to how efficient the unit will be at removing heat from an air-conditioned space. The higher SEER rating, the more efficient, and greater savings on utility bills.

Do I need to purchase a new thermostat?

The unfortunate answer is yes, it is better to buy a new thermostat to match the functionality of the new air conditioner. The newer thermostats are worth the update and can allow you to optimize your utility bills.

Not only can a proper thermostat help in optimizing your energy consumption, but it can be more accurate for your needs. Some come with smart home technology and allow you to adjust the temperature with your smart phone or tablet. There are even some with geo-fencing technology that can sense when you’re close to home and adjust your cooling and heating needs.

These are just a couple of important questions you want to ask before leaping into a purchase of a new air conditioner. These can help you narrow down your choices and make sure you get the maximum benefit and use of your potential unit.

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