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Furnace Installation, Repair and Tune-up Services in Calgary

Did you know when you have to change Water heater for your family?

Well-maintained Hot water heaters have average life spans from 8 to 12 years. If your hot water-tank is closed to lifespan with discolored and smelly water. Water temperature fluctuation, Dirt deposit and strange knocking noise, Visible corrosion or leaking water on the bottom of the tank. All indicate that your water heater approached replacement time.

Have you recently bought a new house and currently seeking water heater service?

Have you questioned if it is time to replace your old water heater with a new one? Or maybe you want to install a more efficient water heater to save energy and lower your monthly costs.

Whatever the case is, don’t look any further!

Go Furnace Ltd. is a reliable and qualified local water heater installation and repair company in Calgary at your service.

Furnace Installation, Repair and Tune-up Services in Calgary

Go Furnace Services

Installation / Replacement

Faulty installations bring long-term consequences that directly impact the comfort and safety of your home. In addition, homeowners often have difficult times choosing  HVAC systems appropriate for their home. Have our qualified professionals provide proper and efficient installations of your new product and ensure they work seamlessly in providing you ultimate comfort and well-being. ………………………….


Is your existing system being stubborn and non-cooperative? Nothing like a malfunctioning HVAC system can directly influence the comfort of your home. As frustrating as a system breakdown can be, nothing can be as irritating as repairs that don’t last. We promise our experienced professionals will accurately identify the problem and provide fast and lasting repairs for any faulty systems.

Maintenance / Tune-up

Prevention is always better than cure. Regardless of how reputable your brand of HVAC system is, eventually there will come a point where it breaks down. While it is true that your heating and cooling units are not meant to last forever, with regular maintenance service you can significantly extend its expiration. Just like a car, your HVAC units require regular check ups to identify early-onset issues and prevent any major breakdown.

New Installation Referral Promotion

Do you have friends or family in need of a new HVAC system?

Earn company credit of $100 by referring a friend or family member to Go Furnace Ltd. for any new installation!

HVAC Inspection for Home Buyers

Are you looking for a trustworthy HVAC system inspection before you move?

Our qualified professionals promise a thorough inspection and accurate diagnoses to ensure the best transition and pleasant new beginning at your new home.