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What are some common HVAC problems?

How to fix furnace problems?

There are a couple of common furnace issue that can pop up from time to time, and here are some plausible options for you to troubleshoot for yourself.

Have you already checked the filter? Does it look like it needs to be changed? This can cause a lack of airflow and, if not changed often enough, small particles can damage furnace components.

Is there an ignition problem? These sometimes can be simple fixes by simply lighting the pilot light, or even replacing the igniter on your own. Just remember that it’s small and fragile, so be extremely careful when doing so. Did your furnace blow a fuse? Have there been any unusual noises coming from your furnace? These are usually quick checks, but the fix can sometimes be more in-depth, needing a qualified technician.

What to do if my air conditioner is not working?

If you can turn on your air conditioner, but cold air is not blowing out, ensure all vents are open, and properly set thermostat. Follow up with the air filter, making sure that it is clean and not clogged. If none of these are the problem, a clogged or blocked condenser coil might be the problem. You can clean this by using water and dish soap, a sponge or soft bristle brush and carefully cleaning any debris stuck within it.

If you cannot turn on your air conditioner, you might have an electrical issue. Checking to see if a breaker has tripped, or a tampered disconnect outside is causing it. Be very careful when doing this. If none of these things have helped, you may need to call a qualified technician who can diagnose more in-depth.

When looking to diagnose your HVAC system when little to no air circulation occurs, these are common issues that can happen that can sometimes be simple at home fixes. Should you feel it is something more it is always good to get a qualified technician to complete any work you are not comfortable in doing.

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