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What are the parts of a furnace?

What are the main parts of a furnace?

The main parts of a gas furnace are:

  • Heat exchanger which converts the cool air to warm.
  • Gas burner, which heats the air inside the heat exchanger.
  • Gas manifold, which simply connects the gas burner to the gas valve, simple but crucial.
  • Flue or Vent pipe which carries the by-products of combustion such as water vapor and carbon dioxide out of your home.
  • Blower motor, which pushes the cool air from the return up through the heat exchanger to be heated and heat the home.
  • Hot surface ignitor, which ignites the gas on the gas burner.

Can I replace furnace parts myself?

You can replace minimal parts on your own, as it is not suggested to do any repairs yourself. The most common and easier repair you can do upon your furnace is cleaning or replacing the ignitor. This is relatively easy to find upon reading your owner’s manual.

We do not suggest doing any maintenance that is more in-depth, such as replacing the blower motor, fixing the gas burner, or even the heat exchanger. We suggest having a qualified technician to do any maintenance on these items as any incorrect installation can damage the entire unit or cause a safety issue for you and your family.

How to tell if my furnace has a broken part?

There are a couple ways to diagnose if parts of your furnace are breaking down:

  • Heat exchanger can sometimes have a strange smell coming from it, more like a chemical smell. There is heavy corrosion and cracks along it for visual checks.
  • Gas burner can have a couple telltale signs such as a yellow burning flame rather than its blue natural flame, and a build-up of rust in the flue lines.
  • Gas manifold is harder. If you smell gas around the furnace, this can be a dangerous sign you need to close the gas valve, but to diagnose, we suggest having a qualified technician check.
  • Blower motor, you can feel. If you feel no air flow through your vents when the furnace is running, then you may have a blower motor issue.

The main parts of a furnace are good to know and understand. Some can be an easy fix it yourself, while others require a qualified technician. For the safety of you and your family, it’s always best to allow a qualified technician to make any diagnosis and repairs for you.

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