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What types of furnaces are there?

Single Stage

A single stage furnace is the older installed type of furnace. Known as the traditional type, having only one setting, meaning that your furnace operates its flame setting at the maximum it can. There is on or off, no middle ground. The blower fan going from off to full strength, which can cause colder air to flow through the vents while the heat exchanger heats.


    The two-stage furnace has two different settings, a high flame setting and a medium intensity setting. This type of furnace can give you a more drastic temperature control for the home, becoming more common throughout Calgary homes. This also allows the heat exchanger time to heat before the blower motor pushes cool air through the vents. The medium intensity runs for a longer time to create a more balanced heat and comfort level. If the temperature change is too much for the medium intensity, the high intensity will kick in. This two-stage style is most cost-effective for maintaining the comfort level of you and your family, while minimizing the noise level and gas flow. These furnaces do come with a slightly higher price tag, hitting the mid-price range, its efficiency cresting above single stage. By selecting a 2-stage furnace, the low-power mode can help to limit the energy use as well as reduce temperature fluctuations and uneven heating of your home.


    The modulating furnace offers an advanced heating technology. With a modulating furnace, the flame increases and decreases in finer increments than the other two types. This distinction helps to maintain the home’s temperature and reduce the temperature fluctuations, helping to keep you comfortable longer. Sadly, these are the most expensive furnace having a high upfront price tag. These, however, still have some drawbacks. Their parts are still expensive should anything break, and because of all the interworking pieces, more maintenance calls are made.

    Knowing the different furnaces you can purchase is important for your home and your wallet. What efficiency you need can help keep your home warm and your wallet less empty.

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