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When is the best time to get my HVAC checked?

The best time to have any HVAC maintenance or inspection done is any time!

Most HVAC systems in Calgary do not receive the attention they need until they stop working. Unfortunately, that is most often noticed on the coldest or hottest days of the year when we rely most on the furnace or air conditioner to keep us comfortable.

After keeping your home comfortable all winter, the furnace should be inspected to verify it is operating properly, efficiently, and safely. Our highly skilled technicians will perform a thorough set of tests and procedures to ensure your equipment is in top performing condition and ready to go for the next season and beyond!

Don’t forget about the Air Conditioner too! With plenty of pollen and dust in the air, hail and snow falling from the sky (even in July), Calgary is tough on outdoor equipment. Trust the professionals at Go Furance to provide you with confidence your equipment is ready to handle all the weather our region has to offer this summer!

Book a maintenance appointment with the experienced and professional technicians of Go Furnace, and avoid unnecessary discomfort. Keep your equipment running in top condition, and stay ahead of heating and cooling problems with our inspection and maintenance program. To learn more, and book your comfort check-up, contact Go Furnace!

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