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Why is temperature optimization key during the summer in Calgary?

What role does temperature play in your home?

Your ideal house temperature will depend heavily upon factors like time of year and comfort level. A few degrees do not sound like a lot, however setting your furnace a degree or two higher can make you feel you’re constantly hot. The reverse is true with setting the air conditioner a few degrees lower. You feel too cold and could catch a chill. All this, combined with those degrees, can add up on the monthly energy bills.

What is the optimal temperature?

Let us begin with summer as the season is fast approaching and without an air conditioner you may struggle to maintain an optimal temperature.

Summer can bring heatwaves and wild-fire season to Calgary. For this, we suggest monitoring your temperature and minimize the spike in your energy bills. With the temperatures in July 2021 for Calgary hitting a high of 36°C, and low of 9°C, you can optimize your Air Conditioner to 22°C while at home. Then bring up to 25°C at night or when not home to minimize energy use.

Winter can bring many temperature shifts between blizzards and chinooks, the average temperatures in the coldest month, January 2022, hitting a high of 14°C, and low dipping to -29°C. By optimizing your furnace temperature to 20°C when home, your natural activities will help to keep the home feeling warmer. If you want more cost savings, think about reducing the temperature to 16°C when going to bed. This allows the furnace to not run as often and minimizes the amount of energy consumed when sleeping. And to further minimize your winter costs, you can lower the inside temperature to 12°C when not home for extended periods of time.

By giving your home a large enough temperature swing, it can make a large impact on your energy bill. Still not taxing your HVAC system to return to the ideal temperature when home.

What happens if there are too many temperature changes?

During the year, your house will go through many temperature changes. There are some consequences to not optimizing your house’s internal temperature that not only affect your wallet but also the house itself. During the summer, it is crucial to maintain an internal temperature below 26°C as some dry wall can become damaged and crack. While, in the winter, the internal temperature should be 12°C or above, as temperatures dipping lower could cause pipes to freeze.

How do I optimize the temperature in my house?

By making sure your entire HVAC system is up to date, complete maintenance, and you have a complete system to help insure your home is running optimally, you can create a comfortable and inviting place for you and your family. A qualified technician should service as soon as possible if there becomes a concern. As well, installing a high efficiency air conditioner can help complete your home’s HVAC needs.

Having a high-efficiency furnace, high-efficiency air conditioner, a humidifier, and a UV air purifier can all help in maintaining the optimal temperature for a home, minimize the risk of humidity disruptions, and help clean the air of mould, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants.

By optimizing your homes temperature throughout the seasons and maintaining your HVAC system, you are ensuring your family’s health and safety, while keeping your energy bill at a minimum.

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